About RGS

The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) is a national conservation organization. Employing a team of wildlife biologists to work with landowners who are interested in improving their land for ruffed grouse and American woodcock. This work also benefits many other songbirds and wildlife that have similar habitat needs. We do this with specific programs to help landowners, and by working with state and federal wildlife agencies to develop land management assistance programs.

Our chapter is made up of members who share a common interest in these birds and other wildlife. The chapter supports land management projects that improve conditions for ruffed grouse, woodcock and other species. The chapter sponsors an annual fund raising banquet that brings people with common interests together to raise funds to support our conservation programs. The chapter also supports a scholarship for college students studying in the field of wildlife management.

The chapter also sponsors shooting and youth events to promote conservation and to raise funds to support conservation programs.

Please visit the www.ruffedgrousesociety.org for information on The Ruffed Grouse Society nationwide.