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Ruffed Grouse Society Members, Supporters and Friends

It's been an interesting winter so far, with many new initiatives for habitat work brewing and a number of interesting opportunities for many of you. Especially in southern New England,  what's been a relatively quiet period of building constituencies and support is soon to result in more forest habitat improvement.  In northern New England and New York, successes of past years have self-generated a greater amount of independent work by our agency and land-management partners which, ultimately, should be the goal of an advocacy make itself fundamentally "unnecessary" on the basis of its success. However, seeing no apparent endpoint to the need to promote and support sound forest management for ruffed grouse, American woodcock, scores of declining songbirds and other wildlife using young forest habitat, we're not betting we'll be "done" soon! So then, take heart...we're not through yet and continue to count on you, and thank you for, providing your inputs of funding, volunteer effort and advocacy that make implementing our mission possible. 

Fogg Farm Woodcock Management Plan - 2011 Update

Plum Creek began implementation of the management plan for Fogg Farm in 2011. The first task we tackled was researching the current use of the area by woodcock using radio telemetry. We had a very successful two nights of captures in May directed by Dan McAuley (USGS) and Gary Donovan (WMI), with assistance from a large volunteer crew including students from Jackman High School, Plum Creek foresters, and project partners. We were able to net 14 woodcock and place transmitters on 10 (9 males & 1 female). We then began relocating the birds on a weekly basis into September, noting their location and habitat at relocation sites. For the full story...